Someone who physically can never leave their dorm room due to the amount of homework they have.
my roomate is a history major. so thats why i thought he didnt exist
by hobknocker!! July 23, 2010
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One of the only true majors out there. One of the only majors where you receive a real education. All "great" people had some knowledge of history. An opposite of this major would be a Business Administration Major. One does not necessarily have to become a history teacher upon graduation. Hell, a history major without much direction could become that business major's boss someday.
Oh, you're a Business major? What you're still taking ESL classes? No, not all history majors become teachers.
by Tzeentch May 26, 2007
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The most uselss major on earth, mostly taken by people who have no artistic ability but still want to be considered artist.
Art history major: ahh I love the arts but can't draw

Engineer major: you piece of shit

Art history major: you're so closed minded
by hillert October 20, 2013
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