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A character in the anime/manga Shingeki no Kyojin. She is the lesbian queen who has no tolerance for anybody's bullshit.
Male: "Hey Historia Reiss, how about a date?"
Historia: "Fuck off."
by ixaa September 18, 2016
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A character in the manga/anime series Attack on Titan (also known as Shingeki no Kyojin). Originally known as Krista Lenz. She's the cute queen that's nice to everyone except communists, because they aren't people. She does not tolerate any kind of communism.
Communist: "Hey comrade Historia, want to go on a date with me?"

Historia Reiss: "How about I throw you out of a helicopter instead? You communist bastard."
by cumspewp October 06, 2017
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The queen of the empire. The beauty of the Scout Regiment. The Goddess among the cadets. Reiner's waifu. Historia Reiss is a term for a girl who is very kind, beautiful and a ripped guy's waifu. She has traits of a Goddess, helps people, is very generous, is very rich and possesses something very valuable. People of her kind are very rare and Historia Reiss's have a very tragic past. Some may consider her to be a mary-sue but she has her weaknesses

Pronunciation- hɪst(o)rIa Rhress or hɪst(o)ria Reiss or hɪst(ə)rIA Rice
Anne Leonhardt- Gosh, Krista is such an Historia Reiss. Your the only ripped guy in school don't tell me she's your waifu.
Reiner- Gosh, Krista is a Goddess, A queen, An angel who has fallen from the heavens. She is my future wife.
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by Donald Duck Blows Trumpet August 14, 2018
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A bisexual beautifull girl in the attack on titan series thats shown by far the most character progress also kinder then you
Male/NotAFemale: "So... hey Historia... how about a date?"

Historia Reiss: "im sorry but i dont know you paseante."
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by naruto reiss uzumaki September 14, 2016
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