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The kids with their olive skin and dark eyes and hair, that usually wear Hot Topic hair extensions that are too bright for them and look like they were a prize from Haunted Trails. These kids usually dress in all black, even though scene kids are supposed to dress brightly. They quite often hate on white scene kids for their bright colored eyes and workable hair, and light skin tone; and will even rage out saying that hispanics created "scene". They are deemed as posers 90% of the time, listening to more Enrique Iglesias than any actual "scene" band out there.

In simpler words, hispanics end up looking emo and not scene, and are secretly jealous that they don't fit into the elite scene group that is OBVIOUSLY a majority of whites.
"Omg there are so many scene kids in chicago and most of them are hispanic!"
"haha si. We like, started the whole trend in the city! Hispanics are the REAL scene kids! White people usually look like posers."
-white scene girl walks up with pale complexion and bright eyes and hair-
"WTF did you say? Do you see ANY scene king or queen that looks like any of you "hispanic scene kids"? No."
-hispanics cry and leave to bash some more on facebook-
by scenebetch January 03, 2012
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