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Basically a scene kid- just less annoying- they don't pretend to have ADD just to look random.Slightly more gay lookin (if thats even possible) than scene kids. Yogurtcore kids(YXC kids) are obssessed with leopard and zebra print things, love bright colors, most dont were "stunner shades" or chains or grills- yogurtcore kids are different from scene kids, because scene kids WANT to be gangsters, and they WANT to be ADD, they WANT to be cool, but they try to hard, SCENE KIDS ARE ALL FAKE! Yogurtcore boys and girls dress exactly alike. they both were tutus, they both like zebra print, they both wear skinnys that are to small, they buy band tees that are to small.
A yogurtcore kid is basically a scene kid, just not a poser, and more girly looking
by ARIBBIT! January 11, 2011
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