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This is a special breed of sheep who have 100% organic wool, infected with hipsterpes. They were bred by Niklaus Purel (the same guy who invented Purel hand sanitizer) He wanted to design a breed of sheep where he could harvest a new strain of virus, which he could use to raise the sales of Purel hand sanitizer. He didn't realize that this new strain of herpes, would become so virulent that even his cleaning product could not destroy the virus. Bred for their wool for the manufacture of wool cardigans and other types of sweaters, hipstersheep have become a serious threat for North-America. If you ever spot a hipstersheep, you should report it to your local authorities immediately.
Part of an actual news report featured on ACN: "It has been proven that hipstersheep are responsible for the recent spread of hipsterpes throughout America. The virus evolved and can now spread from human to human via bodily fluids. Be careful when dealing with this animal."
by MasterofAwesome January 12, 2011
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