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The sensation a person experiences upon realizing that they are surrounded by hipsters and may have become one them self. Generally this takes place in a setting which would, according to stereotype, be thought of as a popular place for hipsters to congregate. May be accompanied by visual and auditory hallucinations of flannel patterns and and pseudo-intellectual background conversation.
Upon realizing that he was holding a PBR tallboy at a Broken Social Scene Concert, Jack began to experience waves of severe hipsteria.
by word_alter July 16, 2011
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Excessive or uncontrollable fear of humans who wear overpriced Von Dutch clothing, mesh backed trucker hats,have matted down hair product induced "bed heads" and wear threadbare vintage rock shirts of bands they don't really enjoy listening to.
Erin had to flee the record shop quickly when the guy in line wearing a Blondie shirt and mesh Von Dutch hat started talking about how "deck" his new portable record player sounded. Erin suffers from accute "Hipsteria."
by Mike Falcigno April 18, 2004
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Any thing or establishment that opens or begins, that is soon swarmed by hashtagging, fur boot wearing, plaid shirt loving, thick rimmed glasses not needing, gel haired lumberjack wanna be's. This usually is followed up by reviews and foodie pics posted at numberous places online, resulting in hours long lines to get said product, regardless of how good it actually is. Sometimes just the interior of a restaurant or building can be enough to set off a firestorm of Hipsteria.
"Franklins BBQ is purdy good, but the Hipsteria there makes the line farrrrrr too long, I'm going to Rudy's"
by Staplehawk December 06, 2015
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