A beard grown by a Hipster, generally grown with the intent of..

A) Proving that the hipster growing it actually can grow facial hair

B) Looking like every other PBR drinking, fixed gear riding individual with pubic hair - like scruff upon their face

C) Overcompensating for the fact that they resemble fashionable 13 year old girls with overactive Pituitary glands.
Man #1 - Hey did you view Kevin's new Hipster Beard?

Man #2 - Yeah, if it weren't for that, i would be tempted to offer him a night of PBR fueled debauchery

Man #1 - Yeah, all the AA headbands in the world can't make up for that ugly face rug
by VocalWallflower. August 18, 2009
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When you squirt ranch up a guys ass then he farts it back into your newly acquired beard.
after listening to a Mumford and sons album album brad coaxed his friend into shoving hidden valley up his arse only to have it end up in his new facial hair. The bearded hipster.
by Fred the babykiller February 13, 2015
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