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Hitler has strangely become an Internet sensation of sorts. He mocks LeBron James for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and scoff's at Susan Boyle for not winning Britain’s Got Talent. “Hipster Hitler" turns the most evil human being in history into a caricature, allowing all of us to step back for a moment and laugh at someone we truly despise.

(Credit to The Jail Break. C O M)
Bro 1: "Does that alt-bro have an ironic mustache AND a "I Heart Juice" t-shirt on?"

Bro 2: "WTF!"

Bro 1: "SNAP. Hipster Hitler!"

Bro 2: "Well, he was the original hipster bitch."
by nickrrrad September 03, 2010
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A good web comic about if Hitler was, obviously, a hipster. 10/10 IGN
It's not.
But here.

Boiii 1: Boiii have you seen the latest Hipster Hitler comic?
Boiii 2: Nah dude
Boiii 1: its lit. Go read it you piece of shit.
Boiii 2: K m8
by TotallyHandsome August 14, 2017
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Somebody that hates hipsters and wants to kill them all.
"I saw a hipsterhitler yesterday, I saluted him."
"This hipsterhitler is on the right page with this."
"More people should be hipsterhitlers."
by TheOnePencilLead July 03, 2016
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