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An individual who feels it is appropriate to use dance moves from the Wii game "Just Dance" or other variations on an actual dance floor.
Josh: "I hope they play Girlfriend at Prom this year! I know all the moves!"

Forrest: "Hips Don't Lie over here is gonna get his groove on."
by DJ Forresto January 20, 2011
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Act of making people miss your flags in flag football by imitating Shakira's dancing motions in her music video of Hips Dont Lie.
(In the game whit goes on a long run making numerous people miss along the way for a touchdown with many people screaming in the background hips dont lie)

Me: dadgum whit how did you do that?
Whit: Hips dont lie.
by BIGO27 October 20, 2010
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when your hips show through the clothes you are wearing, especcially if you are trying to hide them.

is usually expressed with concern.
Kali: oo nice dress
Steph: yeah too bad my hips dont lie in it.
by spasticator January 25, 2007
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A Really Annoying song done by shakira and wycliff jean
that was played by many radios for 4 months until becoming unpopular
retard:yo that was so cool hums hips dont lie
Me:WOW grow a brain you retard
by joe marley September 16, 2006
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