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A type of people. People between the ages 16-30 who are cool and don't have to try hard to be so. These "hippie rads" usually roll out of bed, jump in the shower, throw on whatever is clean, shake out their hair and look like they came out of a Calvin Klein ad. Hippie Rads are not, in fact, "hippies", no, they are much more. Hippies put effort into their look. Hippie Rads are cool without trying.
#1 girl: " I want a wash and go hair style because I like to sleep and I don't have time for that crap in the morning."

hairstylist: "Ah, I see... you must be a hippie rad."

girl: "what the hell is that?"
*see definition

#2 Carter: "I can't tell if that girl is emo or a hippie

Joey: "Dude, she's not wearing a Clash shirt, so she can't be emo. And she doesn't smell like patchouli, so I doubt she's a hippie. Maybe she's a hippie rad?

Carter: "I'd hit that"
by tadymaria February 26, 2009
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