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A hippee is a person, usually a female, who has an out-going personality but can easily show his/her darker side. Hippees usaully wear long skirts and unique, exotic, original clothing. Hippees are very peace-loving and need love as a part of their life. Most hippees do drugs such as weed and smoking cigarettes as minors. They are very loose people who do whatever they feel like doing and don't care what others think of them. Music is a huge part of their life. They love listening to music and are usually very talented musicians themselves. Most of the music they listen to is soft rock and alternative types of music.
Girls who come to school wearing crowns made of flowers, long, wavy skirts and/or skirts over jeans, smoke a few cigarettes before class, write songs and/or poems in there spare time in class, and have very close friends who they spend most of their time with are hippees.
by The Chrisconian March 28, 2006
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