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Bourgeoise "hipsters".

Basically, the people whose hipster profiles did not come about naturally through shopping in thrift stores for years due to low money, or listening to shitty music simply because they just happen to have shitty tastes to begin with. The “Hipgeoise" are the people who come from a moderately well off family, they shop for all their “hipster” clothes at the high end clothing stores in shiny malls, and they listen to shitty music because other people who are “dope” listen to shitty music.
Otis: “nice beanie, where’d you find it?”
Amory: “Ohh thanks man! I got it at Nordstrom
Otis: “ohh, that’s great man! good for you...and your people. so you’re a real hipgeoise huh”
Amory: “You bet I am. Haha!… hipgeoise, that’s a great word, what’s it mean?"
by platonymous February 03, 2017
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