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To ask someone on a date only once they've known for complete certainty that the potential date will say, "Yes" despite the most obvious clues and signals.
Even when equipped with such knowledge, he or she will hesitate, relying on the potential date's best friend for advice and counselling.
Guy 1: I don't know if I should ask you on a I'm 250% you like me but...stilll...I'm going to need some more reassurance...

Girl 1: Dude, I will say YES, pick you up from your house, take you out to dinner, pay for our meals, maybe get some M&Ms, drive you back to your house, and tuck you in for your 8 p.m bed time.

Guy 1: Yeah...but like...fine...will you go out with me?


Random observer 1: THAT CHICK JUST GOT HINTON'ED!!
by The Sandwich Eaters1 May 25, 2010
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