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(Noun) Hilltern: an undergrad that interns on Capitol Hill. Easily recognized by their backpack and suit combination and air of supremacy tangible from a mile away. The Hilltern is a sexually voracious species- when two rats are placed in the same room for a prolonged period of time, they attempt o procreate. This is known as the Hilltern Principle (Everybody, 2015). Hilltern behavioral patterns include: standing on the left side on escalators, whining about metro delays, wearing a suit every day to class even though said intern is not interning that day, mentioning their future presidency and dad's money, and contributing nothing of value to society.

How to approach a Hilltern:

The Hilltern is not a fearless creature and is easily frightened by other Hillterns with a more desirable position, and is also easily frightened by loud noises. They will scurry away at the smallest threat. Threat level: 0.
"Being a Hilltern is great. I get to work on Capitol Hill and contribute to society. I'm really learning a lot at my internship on the Hill."
"You play on your phone the whole day. You literally do nothing."
"Did I mention I intern on the Hill?"
by ALLTHEPSL'S July 17, 2015
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