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A name for an incredibly awesome person, or an incredibly stupid person. You just have to know in the situation in which the word is thus said. Anybody who tries to disagree with you saying it isn't a word, you can slap them in the ass a couple times. That should get them to shut their stupid mouth....

Being Hilliant is usually good, but if you're a doucher (ooh, another fun word) then it is incredibly bad.
Travis: Yo, I'm going to pop the hay, I'll talk to you tomorrow Hilliant.
Lamichael: Yeah yeah, forsure boy.

Kellsrod: "Hey broskie, that Jack kid is such a faggert."
Ellsworth: "Yeah I know! Yo, Hilliant ass, get over here. We need to kick your ass."
Jack: "Aw balls, no! Get away from me, homo."
by Joselikestomosay September 13, 2009
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