The deep south- Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia. Don't get me wrong, some parts of the south aren't horrible, but when they're bad, dammit, they're bad. Take it from me, I lived there, and it was a fate worse than death.

They're the Bible belt states. It's bad enough there if you're Christian. If you're Jewish, Muslim, or anything else, don't even consider going there. Hell, if you're black, hispanic, or anything besides white, don't go there. Hillbilly Hell is the most intolerant, racist place in the US. If you're not being hung because "yew ain't white", or at least scruntinized for it, you'll find that the native Bible Beltians all have the mentality of 6th graders. Even the adults.
Even if the people there didn't lick mad ass, the shitastic weather makes it a true squalid hellhole. It's 90 degrees and humid most of the year, except the 2 months that it's winter. And by winter, I mean 40 degree weather that feels like -40 because the air is pretty much saturated all the time.
Satan originally settled it as Hell, but he thought he was being a little TOO harsh.
Ashley: Did Meg have to move to Alabama?
Patrick: I don't know, but it'd suck if she did. That place is hillbilly hell...
by J@n1c3 June 22, 2011
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