A verb meaning to lose, not just any ol' loss, but the type where you're the expected winner and are coming off a historic undefeated regular season in professional sports, you (on cruise control) fly through the playoffs blowing every opponent out, and in the final championship game your opponent is changed to the local high school JV squad... You're expected to win by the largest point spread ever and the JV squad comes in and gets their asses handed to them for the entire game up until the final 2 minutes of the game when that JV squad goes bananas in an impossible way and out of nowhere completely steamrolls you into a single grain is sans buried at the deepest point of the Bermuda Triangle to cry for no less than 1 million generations.
I can't believe how the game ended last night! Dude, the Patriots were winning by 60 points and got completely Hillary'd!
by Daveskilz3 August 22, 2017
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