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A supposedly Democratic politician who opposes progressive policies, takes donations from major corporations, votes in favor of corporate interests, and only says or does things considered "liberal" when politically advantageous AND they had their donors' approval. Also called a "corporate democrat" or "democrat-in-name-only (DINO)".
Speaker of the House, Hillarycrat, Nancy Pelosi sent her aids to the health insurance industry to help them plan the fight against the extremely popular proposals the institute Medicare for All in America.
by Werner Voss February 08, 2019
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An American voter who, despite usually voting for Republican candidates, supports Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. Most Hillarycrats dislike Clinton and do not agree with most of her policy positions, but vote for her because of their extreme dissatisfaction with Republican candidate Donald Trump.
Donna's loyalty to the Republican party was overshadowed by her fear of a Trump presidency, so she became a Hillarycrat and voted for Hillary Clinton.
by Ann Perkins July 20, 2016
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