former first lady, U.S. Senator, and presidential candidate who is the current secretary of state
Many people wrongfully label Hillary Rodham Clinton as a liberal when in reality she is a dino (Democrat In Name Only) who as a Senator supported much of the Bush agenda including the Patriot Act and the Bush war in Iraq. Hillary supposedly supports health care reform but as a corporate owned politician she wants a plan that protects the profits of private insurance companies instead of a socialist plan like true liberals.
by Mr.Juan-derful May 22, 2010
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Hillary Rodham Clinton was born 86 B.C. and is a battle troll from the Middle Ages.
Clinton was the leader of the Saxons at one point in time. She commanded thousands, and oversaw the pillaging, raids, and conquering of many villages.
Clinton even once battled Satan. After she was defeated, Satan punished her with eternal life, and condemmed Hillary with the deed of destroying the United States of America. And the only way she would ever be able to rest, is when the deed was completed. Hillary wondered through hundreds of years. She battled many more people throughout that time.
She found herself in the position of a New York Senator in the late 1900's. Knowing that since New York voters were already stupid enough to vote a total socialist into power, she realized her so valued freedom from eternity's chains could be broken in little time.
Clinton decided to run for President in the 2008 election.
If she achieves the role of President, she plans to use her battle axe to chop the Consitution in half. Clinton would outbreed Americans with illegal immigrants from Mexico. Hillary would outlaw such things as the NRA, and any other forms of self protection. This is how the battle troll Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to obtain her release from Satan's grasp.
Hillary Rodham Clinton slashed through many village people in her conquest to destroy human life.
by Barack Hussein Obama January 01, 2008
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A human being who everyone finds hot, but no one will admit it. An absolute gilf.
ME - There is nothing hotter than banging someone and watching enormous layers of dust exit their uterus.
WEIRD FRIEND - "When has that every happened to you? Oh wait, must've been Hillary Rodham Clinton. What a psycho."
ME - "I call her Rod"
by i hate zalman rodkin November 15, 2018
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