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Hillah is the literal best person ever. She is my best friend and if you ever find an hillah don't ever leg them go. Hillah is my best friend and she is so funny, nice, honest, punny, a beautiful person inside and out and just a generally great person to be around. Hillah's are generally great at many things for example photography. just wanted to let you know hillah's that you are appreciated.
by Muhadhaha February 26, 2017
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Hillah is a word and name originating in Israel translating and meaning halo in English. This can lead the beholder of the female name to be bright and have a luminary and illuminating personality. With this name comes wisdom and mental capability, resulting in the beholder to be academically outstanding, achieving, and organized. In some ways this name can be biblical, as halo refers to angels. In this way, Hillah's can portray the traits of an angel when they are happy. However, when mad they can be quite destructive as an angel of death would be. They cry a mess, but NEVER out of sadness, reserved tears of anger or frustration. The light truly shines through, Hillahs are blessed to be themselves.

This name comes in variations of spellings as it is a pronunciation including Hillah, Hilla, Hila, etc.
Hillah is the pronunciation of הילה, a word meaning halo in Hebrew.
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by queenprincess March 29, 2017
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Hillah is a low class bitch who has an attitude but her best friend, Hadley, is the
Wow look at that Hillah but wow her friend HADLEY, is so cool. I want to be just like her!
by Muhadhaha February 21, 2017
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