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Or, Hibernation is;

When the evil of winter storms in, some humans enter a state of "highbeernation". Which is the act of sitting at home (preferably a basement apartment). While smoking a heavy amount of weed, and consuming a daily dosage of beer, and completely marinating your mind in Netflix, videos games, a heavy universal junk food diet, and falling asleep by midnight. Basically becoming an overnight recluse. All while completely neglecting, ignoring, and avoiding any kind of activity in the outside world. (That means go home from work directly, everyday. No extra activities other than, maybe picking up something for dinner and munchies). Oh, especially in any kind of weather under 57 degrees. Fuck that.

Especially when, you got Netflix, some video games, and shit.

It usually starts slow, but begins mostly between the months of late September into Early March. Depending on how harsh your levels of local area winter are. There almost should be a legal document, or social awareness for people who participate in 'highbeernation' for, it some instances friends make think "you're becoming lame" or "not as fun" when all in all... You're just charging up for your Goku level return during the warm season.
"Man, fuck going out tonight. To do what?! Be cold and shit?! Nah, fuck that! I'm "highbeernating" all night. I just copped this loud and some seasonal blue moons... PFft! and it's already like 9:30.... Yeah, I'm definitely staying my ass inside and goin to bed"

Aah, homie says he ain't chillin for a minute. He copped a garbage truck of beers and bud and is highbeernatin all winter bruh.

Where's that nigga denny been, dawg? It's been like 4 months. -- Dawg, he beeeeen highbeernatin at the crib. Y'all can't get him to come out ta do shit!
by Gutterskribble January 07, 2015
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