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When you high five an inbred (i.e. shagging members of your family) with six fingers.
"He's got six fingers mate!! Give him a high six because a high five is not enough"

"I hear you're from Eton Wick, here have a High Six mate"
by uksingh December 30, 2018
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when something amazing happens, and a measly high five is not going to cut it, you gotta add a thumbs up pound to that five, and give it an extra f*ck yeah!
Hey I see your are in a total chax state, give me a high six for that one!
by lizzynicz May 28, 2009
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When something really exciting happens and deserves more than a high five, but not amazing anough for a double five.

After a normal high five, giver and recipant touch thumbs, which creates the six fingers being joined together in celebration of an event.
When you burn someone with a really good joke that deserves extra acknowledgement. A high six is then shared between two individuals.
by Dick44 March 22, 2009
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When two flaccid air refueling booms touch each other at just the tip and the boom operator shouts f*ck yeah!
When a high 6-9 won’t cut it or just ain’t your style, settle for a high six
by kc10pilot July 27, 2018
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Jubilant hand signal given by natives of the English Fenlands where such natives are said to be so interbred as to have not only webbed feet because of all the water but hare lips from all the beer drinking and an extra finger on each hand specially for grubbing in the mud in search of King John's Treasure.
Two very old cars passing in a muddy lane on a Saturday when Wisbech Town have just scored a goal in a local football match. The car windows are always down and the occupants simultaneously thrust out their arms with all the fingers spread Due to the number of fingers on either hand the gesture is known as a "High Six".
by Ickey July 13, 2010
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