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#1: Old-school term for Premium/high octane fuel.

#2: Also more modernly used as slang term to note things of high quality.
#1: Fill-er-up with high test, dude...Groovy!

#2: Man, that guitar is friggin' high test! If I only had the three grand to buy it...
by chaz360 October 02, 2010
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insanely good marijuana, no particular name, it's just always amazing
Me: Yo man can i get a 1/4 of high test?
You: Sure, i havn't smoked shit that good in weeks.
by Pot a wana November 25, 2007
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1. (noun/verb): A test to test if someone has achieved a proper high on marijuana at the request of the smoker or friends, or done by surprise with the intention to scare the shit out of said smoker. The test is usually considered successful when the stoner's heart rate increases, they hold their chest from fright, a man screams like a lil girl, loss of balance, and/or become more startled or panic because of their high.

Constantly holding out your pet snake and making hissing sounds like it is a cobra is considered a cruel unnerving but hilarious timeless high test, as the stoner would most likely like Scooter the boa if they were not so fucked up at the moment.
Jen: Eh, how can I tell if I'm really high?
Fred: I know a high test. Follow my hands. You're going down a hallway.
You turn


You turn




Jen: AHHHH! I was so startled I fell out of my chair.
Jen: I think I just peed my pants; I'm definitely high.
by skywasblue August 18, 2014
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