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What (actual) geeks have to do in situations where their nerd knowledge and/or abilities (with computers, video games, internet, et cetera) would come in handy, but using them would reveal to everyone that they are a geek. The phrase itself is taken from Dragon Ball Z. Also extends to anime fans who hide their interest to avoid being labeled as a weeaboo, or weeaboos in a social setting who actually manage to shut the fuck up for once.
1. They had a video game tournament at my college last week that even included Starcraft. Despite how well I know I would have done, I chose to hide my power level in order to keep up appearances. Hide your power level.

2. I was walking through town with friends when we happened upon what appeared to be a cosplayer gathering. Though I could name every character, when my buddy asked what the shit those guys were doing, I hid my power level and told him I had no idea.
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