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Someone mainly from the south and the greater part of Madisonville Ky, who drives BIG OLE STUPID TRUCKS with a big wad of dip in their lips and who thinks its still cool to circle Mcdonalds at 1 in the morning looking for light night cooter. One who thinks wearing full camo outside of hunting season is the the only style that looks good.
Man, did you see that guy driving that cummins with the four inch lift circling Mcdonlds last night hootin and hollering?

Yeah that guy is such a hickdick.
by MattThatJew July 17, 2011
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a redneck dick fucker who loves to use girls to sleep with them. they hunt religiously, talk like a retard, nascar is their favorite sport, own and raise farm animals, and just give off that stupidity vibe.
he was in every way shape and form a hick dick, you could just tell by looking at him
by yadigggg April 28, 2010
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A guy who’s a redneck
Josh get’s a lot of girls despite being a hick dick. Yee haw!
by Abisnail May 15, 2018
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