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One of the best high school athletics programs in NC, Hibriten High Shool is housed in the run-down town of Lenoir. Like most schools in the area focus on ony one sport, such as West Caldwell with basketball or South Caldwell with STD's, Hibriten focuses mainly on footballl, but also excels in other sports as well. Hibriten's football team has made the 3A state playoffs for 8 years straight and last year their basketball team made the Western championship. The school also sent three wrestlers to state, where two won state and one came in third.
Kendall Jones - I luv basketbal lolz!! West Caldwel is da best!!!11

Michael Burgess - Hibriten is really good at basketball too, and every other sport.

Kendall Jones - Whateva..!11 We beat u n basketbal by lyk 15!!

Kaylen Pearson - And Hibriten beat you in football 7 years in a row by about 40 or so points everytime.

Kendall Jones - Idc lolz, we rulez on da court!!1

Scott Hardiman - Whatever man, have fun being one-dimensional while Hibriten goes to state playoffs in nearly every sport.

Kendall Jones - Welll at lest I dont have da STDz

HHS and WCHS - True dat

South Caldwell kid - So what? STD's rule!!!

HHS and WCHS - Nah.
by HHSman42 January 02, 2011
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