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From the name in itself, it is already made obvious that the definition of said term is a hoe from Hialeah. Which is a town near Miami in Florida. These females usually can be seen with the least amount of clothing on at all times of the year (even in the winter which get semi-cold in Florida.) Another noticeable trait of Hialeah Hoes would be the fact that they jump from one boyfriend to the other. Periods of time between each boyfriend is usually a week to two weeks, which is all that it takes to get one to sleep with you. These actions are usually described as, "Going down the block."
Them Hialeah hoes be nasty.

Ricky could not risk being seen with that Hialeah Hoe, Kate.

Richard and his entire crew slept with the same Hialeah Hoe over the period of a month.
by paper street soap company September 09, 2006
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made up of girls who skip lunch and think they the baddest bitch. its a miracle if a hialeah hoe can keep a boyfriend for more than two weeks cause they jump from one to another. theyre just hoes that think they got clout.
" You heard fulano is dating that hialeah hoe, fulanita?"
by dadecounty hoe February 01, 2019
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