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A message usually sent by white females in their teens (between 13 to 16) to adress a male they truly want to FUCK. However, the message is usually compressed to 'heyyy' or 'heyy' to keep it simple. The message is usually sent through DM's and Messenger.
Boy 1: Dude, she sent me a text,
Boy 2: What'd she send you?
Boy 1: She said 'hey'
Boy 2: How many y's?

Boy 1: 37, 37 y's. 'Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'
Boy 2: Dude.....She wants your D.
Boy 1: I'M GETtING LAiD BReH!!!1!!
by Amoran (Dragon) November 07, 2016
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