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Steve:Dude, That Bitch Looks Like She a Heroid
James: Yeah I Sell Her Heroin
by RANRANRU February 17, 2012
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The mixture of heroin and steroids. It is an extreme drug/work-out supplement. It provides the intense high of heroin with the rapid growth and recovery effects of steroids. It's meant to take you're work-out to godly levels and increase your performance in all things dramatically. Side effects range from mild to straight erroneous.
Nick- Man, my work-outs have been lacking and I've been kinda down lately.

Alec- I have the solution. Heroids. It'll improve every single thing you need it too almost immediately.

Nick- Wow! Sounds intense.

Stefan- I've been taking heroids for years, that's why my performance in everything has improved to god-like levels.

Alec- Is that proof enough for you?

Nick- More than enough, pass that shit over here.
by ACN2369 March 08, 2011
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N. A person who thinks they are a hero but is realy a hemroid.
That Jeff is realy a he-roid, he does something and thinks he's a hero, what a pain in the a$$.
by D.D. March 08, 2004
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