Something that is very rare or difficult to find.
That part is harder to find than hen's teeth.
by ratfeast February 18, 2016
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Hen's teeth means that something is difficult to acquire or come by. This alludes to the fact that Hen's do not grow teeth, that if they did, they would be rare and somewhat sought after. Generally used as a comparison against something?
John needs to understand that popular games on the first day of release are like Hen's teeth.
by Bupod July 28, 2011
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it’s the act of the woman sitting on your face and while your eating the pussy out she slides up and while your not expecting it she shit your mouth and than she processed to start eating her shot with you
man this chick gave me the hens teeth last night and it was so intensiveing that we had to go round 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by pussydestoryer69@eatshit September 14, 2019
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