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One of Australia's most famous Hip Hop Parties. The DJ was MC Tank from Australian Idol the party was located in Hemmant, Brisbane at a Humble Community Hall that didn't know what it was in for. The Owners of the hall went away for the weekend.

Smashing Records paid for the party and the Invites went out. Live music was preformed at the party by Javid and Chincheck from The Legacy. The event gave cause for concern to the local police with more then 10 police cars patrolling the area, not including Smashing Records Security and Dogs.

Other names for Hemmant Hall are also, '20th of may and Yussef's'. Other VIP guests at Hemment include MC Dizzy and the entire AHU crew who help produce the event, also Hopy One a well known Australian beat boxer.

The Legacy made a flashing appearance in a stretch limo and preformed at the party. Over the night it is estimated that over 1000 people attended Hemmant Hall. The event was covered by local papers as a “Rave”. The police had confiscated over 5000 cans of alcohol from underaged youths packing the trains making there way to Hemmant. These cans where hidden by the police at a train station toilet (Which one is unknown). The next day the near by station of Wynnum North train station was burnt down.

Queensland transport had to deal with hundreds of underage drunken youths on the train system that night.

“Hemmant Hall” A common use of words for a large or good party in South East Brisbane Australia.
Hey man, that party was totally hemmant hall man.
by Brissydude August 12, 2006
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