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Helseth is a being of unknown decent with the purpose to bring the people of Earth both joy and pain. Going around the globe teaching the youth the most important skills imaginable. Although most find his presence to inflict pain upon the world, only the most knowledgeable see Helseth as God himself. Nobody truly understands who or what Helseth is, but what we do know is it is something not to be messed with, yet something we can all learn from.
It is time to pray for Helseth to come.
by _The_Savior December 15, 2017
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The Thicc Pigeon, the god like creature that's sole purpose is to inflict pain and suffering on students around the world

Is also strangely obsessed with Manatees, please ban him from all aquariums
Quick, Helseth is coming!
by TheThiccDove May 08, 2018
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