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Helicobactor Pylori,A type of bacteria that causes inflammation and ulcers in the stomach or small intestine.
Dorctors are still unsure of how Helicobactor Pylori (or H.Pylori) is Transmitted from one person to another. But has Been Researched by people who are infected with this Bacteria, say that in many countries 90% of the country have been infected. So it a Well Known Bacteria. To Kill Off The Bacteria, you are Given around 3 different Potent Antibiotics in a Package called the HP PAC, too kill of the Bacteria. The Discovery of Helicobactor Pylori was Found in 1983 in Australia.
Helicobactor Pylori is a Bacteria, that can live in Harsh Acidic places, like ur stomach. And Doctors are still unsure how its Transmitted, from one peron to another.
by Thomas.G.Dixon January 12, 2008
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