Helia is a female name derived from the Greek name "Helios", the god of sun in greek mythology. It is said that Helios had a number of children and one of his daughters was named Helia. Also in some cultures Helia is defined as peach blossom.
-"What's your name?"
-"Wow what a beautiful name, you must be the goddess of sun!"
by starwand March 22, 2013
A female name. It is mainly derived from Helius as "god of sun". The other origin of this name relates to a persian story book written by Nader Ebrahimi "Bar-e Digar Shahri ke Doost Midashtam ". Nader Ebrahimi, an Iranian writer, screenwriter, photographer, and director, generated the name of the book's heroine by mixing the letter of the word "ELahi الهی" in farsi language. Elahi means "my god, related to god". He mixed four letters of الهی and made هلیا. Then Helia was the heroine of that story book.
"Helia, there are thousand houses in the distance between alienation and unity."

from Nader Ebrahimi's book.
by Mahdi.Gh December 11, 2018
Helia is an absolutely gorgeous girl, who has an amazing sense of humour. She just glows and everyone can’t help but notice her. She is beautiful, sweet and an overall outgoing person.
Girl #1: God, helia is perfect, no wonder everyone likes her!

Girls #2: I know! I wish I had a helia in my life.
by urbeautiful November 12, 2019
A girls' name. Common between Persian and Turkish people. Derived from the Greek name Helios: God of Sun.

Definitely the prettiest girl in the room.
- What's her name?
- Helia.
- Damn...
by ChillaxedGuy September 8, 2013
A sexual deviant with the hottest rack around. You will take a look at her pink taco and dream of her the rest of your life. Likes glittery things and large penises not belonging to a family member .
Wow talk to her she is a total helia, her undercarriage must smell like roses.
by Mrs.rives August 27, 2012
Helia is a name for a very beautiful girl that is spoiled sexually by her family members that ruined her future.

Helia is mostly used in Toronto, between Turkish immigrants.
Boy 1: Hey man I want to ask from that girl for a date.

Boy 2: Stop! Don't do that! She is a Helia!
by sosooly September 8, 2009