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Knowingly doing something bad, morally wrong, selfish or dishonest against someone because you think they deserve it.

Named after the time a young lad found a purse on an empty bus containing £100 cash, and a bus pass belonging to one "Helena Bennet". (whom he thought he did not know) the young lad looked the girl up on facebook (to see if he could return the money) and found her to be a complete teenage popular girls bitch who bullied many of his friends, constantly stole money from her mum to buy weed, skipped out on classes and gave all the teachers a hard time because she thought she was too good for them.

The young lad burned the purse and bus pass, threw the ashes in a bin and kept the money for himself.
Guy 1: You'll never guess who I bumped into the other day at while working at the garage, Theo!
Guy 2: Oh fuck man, I hated that dickhead, bullied me in high school non-stop
Guy 1: Yeah I know, he came in for a brake light fix.
Guy 2: Did you fix it for him?
Guy 1: Fuck that, Pulled a Helena-Bennet, Busted his motor while he was out and told him it would cost him a couple of grand to fix, ended up with £2000 of his money at the end of the day

*then the two guys go on a night out, celebrating*
by 456gvweryh6 March 30, 2017
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