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A female that only considers tall men as potential suitors, totally disregarding a potential mate that isn't tall even if they happen to be taller than her and have a more compatible personality than the taller men.

Usually a Height Queen will pen down "must be 5ft10+" or "must be 6ft+" on their dating personals.
Dave: Hey Sarah why did you pass up on Rob? He really likes you and you have to admit you both have a lot in common. He's really down about it.

Sarah: Because he's too short. He's really sweet n' all but I just wasn't attracted to him.

Dave: Short?? He's like 5ft9 and your 5ft3. He's taller than you by a considerable amount! Are you a Height Queen or something?

Sarah: I only date men over 6 feet tall, shallow I know but I can't help it, that's just the way I feel, sorrrryyyyy. Whats a Height Queen?
by anodious October 08, 2009
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