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Heepie. What a wonderful Phrase. Heepie, aint no passing craaazzzzeeee.
Sorry, but ya gotta love that song. Heepie, is a word I invented last night. Can mean whatever the heepie you want it to mean. I generally use it in heepie random sentences, or to get out of tight situations. But CAN be used to replace anything.
'Hey guys, that chick heepie was fucking hot.'
Hey guys, let's go smoke some heepie.'
'Holy shit dude, you saw her heepies?! TOTALLY HEEPIE.'
' Me: Sorry officer, didn't know i shouldn't be smokin weed in a kids play park.
Officer:You're gonna have to come down the station kid.
Me: Sorry officer, HEEPIE! *runs off*
by Mosha Trix December 27, 2003
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