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I saw a couple of Hedgers get out of that old van that's been parked in the same spot down the end of the street all month.
by Chewitt November 12, 2005
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Someone of Anglo-Russian descent who is notorious yet illusive in his home town or city and is most commonly feared by small children and minority groups.

Can also be used to describe someone who is mentally unstable or involved crimes against peace.
John: I saw Nick in New Milton the other day. . . i've heard so much about his crimes against peace.

Mark: Are you sure it was him? He's very illusive.

John: Oh yeah, he's a proper Hedger.
by Philip hahahahahaha May 21, 2009
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A great guy who is really fun to be around, but unknowingly leads on most of his female friends with his niceness and gentlemanliness.
Girl: Oh! There's Dan. He's do cute and nice.
Friend: Don't do it. He's a Hedger. You'll only ever be friends and get your heart stepped on.
Girl: Oh, thanks for the heads up.
by Saddayyo February 04, 2015
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