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An amazing friend.
There for you whenever you need someone. She'll find jokes in random situations
She's such a great friend to them, her name has to be Hebah!"
by NinjaPantsFriend November 20, 2010
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One of the most inspirational women you will meet. Hebahs usually have beautiful brown/ hazel big buetiful eyes and long beautiful brown hair. Hebahs love to have a great time and will make many inside jokes on anything she and her friends laugh at and at their most memorable moments. Hebahs can care less at whatever you throw up to her and is at most times the most less serious. Hebahs has plenty of friends that she loves and treasures , that she doesn't know that they love her the same and even beyond. Everyone wishes to be loved by a Hebah and hang out with one. Once you meet one, you forget about everything else that is around you and just want to focus on her and just have a good time with her. A Hwbab is also hard working and loves to put in effort and work on what she wants.
Person 1: Hey look at that girl over there in the crowd being so noisy and funny must be a Hebah
Person 2: My Best FrIend
by Zmtsb March 06, 2017
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a phrase to be used alone to signify a bahing action, or to be used with other phrases, generally ending in 'bah' for extra effect.
Jacob roared, "He-bah ultimate belly rip bah!"
by Wickard Pickard May 21, 2003
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