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Heartgold/SoulSilver Definition:

The greatest two games of Pokemon ever to be made.
The greatest pokemon game, HEARTGOLD and SOULSILVER is coming out in Japan Fall 2009!
by DragonZamorak May 18, 2009
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Two DS games that are remakes of the original Pokemon Silver/Gold for the Gameboy Color. It introduces new features to the Pokemon series like the Pokeatlon and the ability to have two key items instead of just one. It is also coming pakaged with the Pokewalker which is a pedometer that allows you to catch Pokemon and train one of yours. These games also reintroduce the feature of having a Pokemon follow you, but this time it can be any one of the 493 Pokemon instead of just Pikachu. This game has been well recieved by critics and will undoubtably sell millions.
Did you play Pokemon SoulSilver/HeartGold yet?
by u_no_who_right March 12, 2010
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