Typically another way of saying ‘Ayo, this character is kinda hot.’
Person 1: Listen, hear me out.
Person 2: No, shut the fuck up, that person/character is not hot.
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Phrase used when you are about to say something utterly ridiculous, but you continue against the pleas of your friends.

"What now Kaitlyn?"
"Are you don-"
"CoLoUr DoEs NoT eXiSt!!!"
by yeet-the-beat April 26, 2018
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A phrase used in some Internet sub-cultures to justify a "taboo" attraction - a traditionally unattractive character, an insanely evil character, or even simply a character that's an anthropomorphic animal. An unapologetic yet classier way of saying "I want to fuck this character."
"I'm not a furry, but Kovu from The Lion King...hear me out..."
by Araragi April 3, 2021
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A request that the listener/audience waits until they have heard all the information before voicing their opinion. Often said when the speaker anticipates that what they are about to say will be prematurely interrupted, dismissed or ignored without allowing the full story being told.
Family Guy: Brian & Stewie (S08E17)

Stewie: Look, I’m going to propose something and I need you to hear me out. Will you promise me you’ll do that?

Brian: I guess...

Stewie: You guess? Or you will?

Brian: Yes I’ll hear you out.
by enragedpenguin June 14, 2010
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Ridiculous films that could have only been conceived when someone in a group of dunk or high people said “hear me out
Movies like killer sofa, velocipastor, killer turkey
I know you love watching bad movies so I was thinking we could watch some of my favourite hear me out films

I watch hear me out films to cope
by Goldenbrocc September 29, 2020
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A good comic thats just starting out
hear me out is a really good online comic
by Daleious September 19, 2003
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A term pinned by Kennie J.D. in her “Bad movies and a beat” series on YouTube. The term describes movies that have such an weird premise that the movie’s existence has to have been started by one person in a group of drunk people saying “hear me out
M: Hey have you seen Rubber?

K: No, what is it?

M: It’s the funniest “hear me out” movie I’ve ever seen
by dO I LOOK- July 25, 2021
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