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A lyric from OOOUUU by Young M.A. Headphanie is just a common name, Stephanie giving head
You call her Stephanie I cal her Headphanie
by Agayassname September 13, 2016
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Headphanie is a chick who strictly gives head for sexual contact with any guy she's in a relationship with or even 1 night stand hook-ups i.e nail and bail situations.

Under the guise that she's saving herself for marriage and in her mind giving heap doesn't count as fornication.

Its in the attic not the living room some headphanies' out there would tell their girlfriends.

Google East Oakland California Rapper Too Short's classic track blow job betty. Now the difference is blow job betty did other sex acts while a headphanie strictly gives head but if fucking Jack Napier or Mandingo comes a knocking the panties are probably dropping too.
Whats up playa how did it go with oh girl last night?

She said she was a virgin man.

So you didn't bang? Too bad bro.

Yeah no pum pum but she was a headphanie, so I still was able to let off a nuclear nut!!!

Awesome Sauce
by smiling assassin September 12, 2016
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