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Two ppl who just vibe together. They relate to each other n each others situations. They not really together but they just got each other and they appreciate one another. They ona diff level from other ppl. They know they want each other but both one the same page as not being ready to start something so they jst taken it day by day. Takin the whole thing slow. They respectful of each other
- Santiago n i aren't ready to start anything, but i feel like we both kno wassup. We talk bout everything girl. He dont rush into anything and i dont either. It feel right
- aweee <3 lmaoo yall just over there headassin and what not.
by Benadixonnn February 19, 2017
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An action between two people. Discribed as two people who talk on a daily about anything and everything. They appreciate each others conversations and company and also openly talk about how they feeling. They aren't together, but its understood that there is a mutual connection between them, but choose to take things slow. They just feed off the the vibes between each other and make each other laugh and give advice about any situation the other is going threw. They relate on an intellectual level. They're just in their own little world, away from everybody else.
"Man i met this girl the other day. Me and her both been through it lately. We both a lil broken and understand where the other are comming from. I feel like when we ready to start something, we just already get how it goes. "
"Lol man yall headassin rn "
by Benadixonnn February 19, 2017
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