The mushroom tip that you use to try to solve the issue of anal seepage sometimes only a temporary fix
Cody was spending a fortune on underwear so Bobby suggested a tampon but that didn't work so Stefan snuck up behind him and helped him out with a good ol head gasket for a temporary fix.
by Bathnbody November 4, 2016
When your woman gives you some head (a blowjob) and being the respectable gal she is she wraps her lips tightly around your magnificent manhood as you cum to a rousing climax. As it turns out, she had been bringing you to the edge so many times that your body kept producing that baby gravy and by the time you finally released your man chowder the volume was far too much for her to handle. Schlong juice spurts from the broken seal of her lips on your bitch impaler. Often, splooge will spew from her nose and her ears may pop.
Raymond: Damn, woman! You leakin' everywhere! You got blown head gaskets, bitch. Now finish up on old Ray's dick and then go wash that shit off yourself so I can give you a little hug.
by theinstigator September 16, 2016
When you're banging a chick so hard the condom breaks.
I was hammering into this bitch like an over revving engine and the rubber broke. Now all I got is a blown head gasket.
by Neil69 September 8, 2016