Term used for when you have a ton of songs floating through your head.
Girl: what the heck is she singing to?
Brother:Oh, shes just singing to her head radio.
by Rawrrrr. February 21, 2009
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The phenomenon of pop songs coming to mind and then playing in your head, sometimes for hours on end.

Particularly common of terrible pop songs you couldn't stand to listen to when you were 12 but somehow retained all the words and chord progressions to anyway.
If I can't get Hall & Oates off my head radio, I'm going to shoot myself.
by Kyra123 July 28, 2007
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You: You guys hear of that cool band Radio Head?
by Sharkbubble November 4, 2008
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1. A person who functions with music. 2. A person who cannot function without music. 3. A person who requires music to function.
I can't get any work done. Oh, maybe I'll tune into the radio. Wow, I must be a radio-head because now that I hear music I can function.
by foldgish November 26, 2014
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a name given to the long fabled RNM or the V2K, that may or may not be induction sound, infar sound, infra sound, electronic energy emissions, radio active potassium and other chemical rads, light wave data transmission,bio-electrolysis of some kind,the harmonic balancing of brain sine waves to other sines waves, 1941 favorite...static electricity, and as far fetched as it sounds, someone standing outside your window talking, person under your floor wispering, a copper field that emits enough frequency that can be interpreted by short range micro waves which in turn "cut" or "etch" pitches or sound that our brain will naturally fill in the word...like you hear "h" and your brain will fill in the sound "ere" its a common but very low key practice called gang stalking, also they have sonar, radar, super sonic, ultra high frequency, extremely low frequency and alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll kinds of other good strains of bud.
man.....i know you know i know you know this is the best head band radio home grown bud around.
by AlliedApe October 28, 2021
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