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An exciting game to play with your friends where you head butt their breast or 'boob' and then shout "HEAD BOOB!". Its a game more appropriate played with your close friends but a lot more interesting played with strangers in highly populated areas.
Wow that game of head boob last night really made my nipples sore.
by benarew May 07, 2011
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a headboob is a very stupid ass person who is usually horizontally challenged...aka fat ass.
1.) hey becky yoh fucking ass is so fat i cant see past you...your such a headboob!

2.) my dad is a headboob

3.) Jimmy: is a headboob a body part?
Hank: no its a fat person or a really stupid person.

Jimmy: oh got it
by fuckinayeeee January 30, 2010
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The big squishiness on a snek head
Person 1: Omg! Your snek’s head boobs are so squishy!
Person 2: I know right!
Snek: You hecks, stahp it! Hiisss! Much anger! No touch! *becomes a ball* *does a good hide* *inadvertently becomes even cuter*
Person 1 & 2: *inhuman screeching*
by HorizonTheSandWing/RainWing January 16, 2019
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