A person is bound to say this about a man when he is extremely sexually attractive with a good personality (literally and figuratively).
Person 1: Goddamn look at that man
Person 2: Right?? He's so babygirl
by Thismanhasmeinachokehold December 28, 2022
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A person(typically female) will say this about another person(typically male) when he is looking extremely attractive but in a softer more lighthearted way.
Girl 1: “Omg did you see that Dominic Fike edit that i sent you on tiktok”
Girl 2: “Yessss omg He’s So Babygirl i’m obsessed”
by JaeJae’sbitchass September 21, 2023
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Calling a male character/person babygirl means that you find him really attractive/cute/submissive/sexy/breedable. Saying that about the character/person might also imply that you want to fuck him.
Albert Aretz is such a babygirl when he flexes, because he's just so attractive.

Miles Robbins is so babygirl in that shirt, submissive and breedable, just how I like them.
Deadpool is honestly a babygirl, I want to do unspeakable things to him.

He's so babygirl - a man that is submissive & breedable
by FranklyEverything December 28, 2022
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