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A last name given to unfortunate pasty ginger children which by nature implies impotency, small genetalia (frequently absent), leprosy, mental retardation and frequent bouts of gender confusion.

Many times Hawranik's will pretend to be big shots, but they fail miserably while trying.

Typically parents will name their child Drew however this in no way denounces the defintion. In fact, the combination of this first and last name only magnify the aforementioned characteristics.

Hawranik's typically surround themselves with the "cool" crowd in hopes of fitting in, however their lame sense of style, poor coordination, and lack of social skills have left Hawranik's at the bottom of the preverbial food chain.

In the 1800's when Europeans were exploring North America, while docked at different ports, the captains often ventured to local pubs. Due to copious amounts of alcohol and so-called beer goggles, these captains mated with lowly promiscuous red headed women. It has been said that one sailor overheard another sailor saying "Haah...Ironic!", when refering to the whole ordeal. As time passed, and the promiscuous women gave birth the bastard children, villagers often refered to them as Hawranik's; hence the name.
Person 1: Hey I'm Drew, nice to meet you.
Person 2: Your last name wouldn't happen to be Hawranik?

Person 1: Why, yes it is!
Person 2: Ahhh, I've heard about you.

Person 1: Excuse me?
Person 2: Ok...I'm leaving now I don't like Hawranik's.
by itty bitty titty April 21, 2010
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