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(1) An added feature to the meal plans, which may be used as cash on a declining basis at either location of any Iowa Memorial Union food service operation, Campus Satellite Food Services, or Campus C-Store, specifically: Hillcrest and Burge Market Places, C-Stores located in the IMU, Mayflower, and Hillcrest, Business Building Pat's Diner, Law Building Canteen, Dental Science Building Filling Station, College of Medicine EMRB and MERF Buildings, food carts at University Services Building, Lindquist Center, Nursing Building, Main Library, Art History Building, and Oakdale Hall when you want to treat a parent, friends, or guest to a Market Place meal, and which expire when the account balance reaches $0 or at the close of business on Sunday, May 13, 2007. No refunds will be issued for any unused balance in the account. Students, faculty, and staff, who don't have a meal plan, may purchase Hawkeye dollars in $50 increments (cash, check, or University ID). Students who already have Hawkeye dollars may add to their account, also in $50 increments. Before its introduction in 2001, it was called "flex dollars" for a very short time of period. None of the UI student members of dorm agreed on its introduction. However, Tom of IMU decided to go on.
- "The Hawkeye dollars introduced in 2001 is incredibly stupid."
- "Yeah totally!"
by Pamela B. August 26, 2006
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