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The most confusing way to smoke a blunt, requires at least two people although more is always better. You'll need a blunt, a blanket, a stereo, and a soft landing pad.

Starting by crouching down with your head between your legs, breathing quickly until you start to get lightheaded. At that point you slowly stand up, and your assistant blows you a shotgun along the way. When you get all the way up, and inevitably pass out, the assistant throws the blanket over you and turns on the music.
We did Hawaiian shotguns last night, but Steve didn't have a spotter. He's dead now.

After my Hawaiian shotgun, I thought I was waking up at home in bed, but then I heard the chanting monks and everyone laughing, I had no idea what the fuck was going on.
by Hamfist1000 October 30, 2014
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